Mistic Tales (copyright 2011)

I am the Ethereal Mistic

Dawn of a Mistic Journey; the chronicles of Jonquil!

I Parcieval was never a Man! Only, my dearest and oldest friend Launce knew the truth! That my deepest secret was as a young lady with no hope of a dowery, a deceased father, and a dear mother doing all she could, disguised myself as a boy and set out upon the world as a fool seeking great fortune. And, thus found such in the honor of becoming at first a page, then squire to one of the greatest knights in all christiandom! Within time to become a knight myself and given charge to the most holy quest of all, the Grail! Alas, it is more than you my dear reader have been led to believe. Here in lies the truth to the tale, for I should know for I was there and have tasted of the cup of Christ and the atonement of the blood of our saviour!

Enter the Realm: